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The RPG Manager web application makes you a more effective Game Master, and allows you to share your world with your players. Get everybody on the same page!

Manage campaigns: Sessions, notes and XP.

Create campaigns and add game sessions. Invite your players who receive invitations and post-game summaries by email. Track experience points (XP) awarded for each session.

Manage creatures: Monsters, NPCs and PCs.

Maintain your own custom database of monsters, non-player characters and player characters. The database supports multiple editions and rulesets. Copy and paste from standard stat blocks to import monsters. Download stat blocks for offline use.

Players have access to a simplified web app to view and maintain their own player characters.

Manage combat: Initiative, attacks and hit points.

Create encounters and add player characters and monsters. Initiative is automatically rolled. Tracking of hit points and conditions is simple. Click a button to roll monster attacks.

The initiative list can be shared with the players, with monster hit points hidden from their view.

Manage inventory: Treasure, equipment and magic items.

Give out treasure after each encounter, and record value, weight and which player character is carrying each item.

The players can access the inventory list from their own web app and divide the spoils between them. As the Game Master, you always have full insight into the party's inventory.

Manage files and notes: Pictures, maps and notes.

Add notes, rules, maps and adventure locations and arrange the information in folders. Your notes are available anywhere you are, from your computer or your phone.

Notes can be shared with your players as they discover the secrets of your game world.

Manage random tables: Random all the things!

Add your own tables for encounters, treasure, weather, NPC appearance, and all the thousand other things that you want randomized. Categorize tables for quick lookup. Click a button to roll on the table.